About theatre

About the theater

THE IDEA – The idea of a theatre scene specializing in light repertoire was born several years ago. After twelve years of continuous effort the project has been completed. On the 30th of April, 2014, the Variete Theatre has been appointed the Institution of Culture by the City Council of Krakow. Managed by JanuszSzydłowski and Agnieszka Mika, VARIETE is an artistic institution where entertainment of superior quality is created and popularized.

VARIETE has been founded in response to the wishes of Krakow and the Lesser Poland residents, who were in need of this type of music and show entertainment. The artistic events such as musicals, vaudevilles, burlesques, flamencos or horror shows presented by the VARIETE theatre will additionally strengthen the image, brand and position of Krakow as the capital of culture. The art of musical will once again regain its lustre and shine.

VARIETE will obtain licences to stage major worldwide productions presented on the stages of Broadway, Paris or London. Presenting the works of such worldwide quality will place Krakow’s VARIETE in the absolute top entertainment theatres in Poland. The Krakow VARIETE can also present an opportunity for young artists to become recognizable, as well as facilitate new projects of a worldwide entertainment quality.

The Krakow VARIETE theatre is a new place on the cultural map of Krakow, a new place for meeting art. VARIETE is a good laugh in Krakow.

Director of the Krakow VARIETE Theatre:
Janusz Szydłowski

O teatrze

The VARIETE theater

The Krakow VARIETE theatre also offers a multifunctional stage, film screenings, live streaming, festivals, concerts, discussion panels, conferences a well as sessions with various artists. We plan to offer acting studies as well as courses and trainings in stage singing and movement. We want to support young and talented people wishing to meet their dreams on the Great Stage. Our Stage.


VARIETE as a receiving house

The Krakow VARIETE Theatre offers hosting performances of the highest quality involving the greatest artists. Allowing our facility to be used for presenting other productions than our own will promote worldwide and Polish musicals performed by excellent dance and music ensembles, various artists and performers. VARIETE also hosts artists from all over the world presenting less known forms of art such as flamenco or fado. VARIETE is the new trends in performance, the art of musical in the broad sense.

The building

The Krakow VARIETE Theatre is located in a historical building of the former Cinema-Theatre Związkowiec.
The building of the former Związkowiec Cinema – Theatre at Grzegórzecka St., entered into the register of historic monuments, was built in 1938. In the years 1948-1952, on the commission of the Works Council of the Zieleniewski Machine and Instrument Factory, it was expanded and modernized by the outstanding architect and engineer: Zbigniew Solawa. The primary purpose of erecting the building was to create a place facilitating the organization of factory’s employees’ work as well as to hold special meetings. With time the Cinema-Theater Związkowiec acquired new functionalities – it became equipped in special events hall as well as cinema auditoriums. Związkowiec hosted numerous spectacles, artists’ performances and comedian shows given by the Satirists Theatre. The building of Związkowiec is a perfect example of the pre-war modernist architecture. It is a simple geometrical shape with a clearly accented elevation recess. Having completed the renovation the City of Krakow has given a new lustre and shine to the building. The foyer, auditorium and stairs have been restored to emphasize its pre-war character. Today, after over 20 years of inactivity, Związkowiec recovers its former beauty and starts anew to take the role of the entertainment guru, becoming the seat of the new and very first musical theatre in Krakow – The VARIETE theatre.

The management

people1 Janusz Szydłowski General and artistic manager of the theatre
people2Agnieszka Mika-Kotłowska Deputy Manager

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