Krakow VARIETE Theatre is the meeting place for the new productions and exceptional projects. Each even taking place in the Theatre is a unique adventure with art. The modern spaces and unique interiors allow for staging worldwide known performances, while keeping the most important elements of the theatre – the mood, atmosphere and charisma. Each guest of the VARIETE Theatre is treated in an individual manner. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The VARIETE Theatre is an ideal place for hosting all kinds of artistic events, corporate events, lectures or concerts. At our disposal, we have four halls of different nature, size and technical equipment.
• Audience/Stage -The VARIETE Theatre Auditorium provides ideal conditions for hosting concerts, shows, fashion shows and larger corporate events. Stylish, comfortable seats ensure comfort of watching. The stage is equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems.
• Foyer – The unique, unforgettable foyer is the perfect place to host both, refined banquets, and cocktail parties. The place refers to pre-war traditions, where elegance meets extravagance, and style and nobleness meet originality. An event in the lobby bearing such unique features, with the accompaniment of the piano music, the shine of golden chandeliers, and on one of the comfortable velvet sofas will remain an unforgettable event.
• Ballet hall – ballet hall allows you to arrange it in any possible way, depending on your needs. It is an ideal place for hosting small performances, author’s evenings, presentations or open meetings. Due to mobile ballet barres and mirror walls, the ballet hall is great for hosting dance and theatre workshops.
• Reading rehearsals hall Professional panels provide excellent noise cancelling qualities as well as perfect acoustics, and allow to host the most privy meetings. The functionality of the interior gives a feeling of freedom and inspires to greater creativity as well as activity during rehearsals.
The Krakow VARIETE Theatre is situated in a very attractive area, at 71 Grzegórzecka St. (the former Cinema-Theatre Związkowiec), taking advantage of the tourist potential of a site located in the vicinity of the Vistula river, and among historical city districts. The building is situated nearby public transportation lines. The Theatre also offers an exclusive car park for its guests. Our VARIETE Theatre specialist team are pleased to advise and help you plan the perfect event. Your guests will have the opportunity to sightsee the Theatre, look behind the scenes, and meet people who create the set and decorations.

Any event hosted in The VARIETE Theatre will be a success.
We are looking forward to doing business with you.


Supporting the initiatives of the Krakow VARIETE Theatre guarantees participation in the best artistic ventures. Modern, unique, and uncommon interiors provide the prestige to the institution, which is absolutely worth to visit. Imagine… A place where flair and elegance intertwine with extravagance, simplicity with glitter, sensuality with prestige. Sponsoring culture is an investment turning dreams and passions into reality. Krakow VARIETE Theatre – it is worth to support us!
The VARIETE Theatre provides its audience with the opportunity to be in touch with the most interesting musical events present on worldwide stages, works, which relate to the greatest traditions of the West End or Broadway theatres. The VARIETE Theatre is:
• The space: A spacious theatre venue: 390 seats, side wing space, large backstage, trap room, amazing foyer, comfortable guest rooms.
• Modernity: The latest sound, and lighting equipment, professionally arranged ballet hall, reading rehearsals hall, comfortable dressing and make-up rooms. The VARIETE Theatre is the first theatre in Poland to live stream performances and accompanying events.
• Tradition: Appreciating the qualities of the historical Związkowiec building, the VARIETE Theatre kept the best of all – the modernist shape of the building, historical handrail, interesting architectural solutions all accompanied by the atmosphere of the past years. A place rooted in the consciousness of Krakow residents recovered its former grandeur.
• Art: VARIETE is a space for the outstanding artists as well as a place to realize artistic fascinations. The Theatre takes the role of a Receiving House employing actors representing the highest level of artistry. VARIETE supports anything which is innovative and creative.
Co-operation/sponsorship of VARIETE – Sponsor support is the basis for every step of artistic activity in the theatre – from the idea of a new artistic production, through participation in the creative process up to the release of a new performance. A wide plethora of our commercial presentations offers professional support of any brand along with the promotion of it. We have effective marketing and merchandising tools at our disposal. VARIETE offers interesting and custom made forms of cooperation, adapted to specific features and needs of our sponsors. Among the benefits of being the sponsor of VARIETE we propose appropriate titles: sponsor – the main sponsor, strategic sponsor, titular sponsor (with the right to use for own promotional/marketing purposes). Among others, we can provide you with the following promotional features: your brand presented in the Theatre’s promotional materials, on our website (and social media), in promotional spots, press releases, as well as advertisements in media campaigns. Depending on the nature of the project we distribute flyers, and set up a banner. In addition, we invite our sponsors to participate in premières and banquets, and to celebrate successes together with the performing group and the director of the Theatre. Friends of the VARIETE Theatre have a privilege of an exclusive access behind the scenes to meet our actors and special guests and we also offer favourable conditions for reservations and ticket purchases.



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