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Janusz Szydłowski
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Janusz Szydłowski – an actor, director, who obtained his PhD in the field of artistic discipline. He graduated from the Ludwik Solski Academy for Dramatic Art in Krakow, and still, during his university years, he co-founded the Krakow STU theatre. He is also the co-founder of the “Proscenium Group” at the Rozmaitosci Theatre in Kraków

Janusz used to live in Italy and study Italian, literature as well as drama at the Instituto Dante Alighieri in Bologna. At the same time he worked as a teacher at the InstitutoSuperiore di StudiMusicali „O.
Vecchi – A. Tonelli” in Modena and Carpi. Upon the invitation of the Nowy Theatre on emigration he moved to London, where he established The Receiving House Theatre. He managed and directed the “a To z” cabaret, which travelled all over Great Britain, United States of America, Canada, Sweden and Latin America.

On the Stage “Pod Ratuszem” (Under the Town Hall) of the Krakow Ludowy Theatre (The Folk’s Theatre) Mr Szydłowski directed the “PerłyKabaretu Mariana Hemara” (The Pearls of Marian Hemar’s cabaret), where he took the role of an actor as well, and Robin Hawdon’s “Perfect Wedding”, nominated for the best play of the year Golden Mask award. He also directed he farce in Katowice, Sosnowiec and Tarnów. Some other accomplishments of Mr Szydłowski are as follows: “A rise in the market”, “The oldest profession”, “No sex please, We’re British”. JanuszSzydlowski and Jan Polewka together wrote the screenplay for and directed “Anda”- the first graduation performance of the Vocal and Acting Department of the LudwikSolski Academy for Dramatic Arts in Krakow. The spectacle took the form of a music and cabaret evening based on the works of AndaKitchman. He also prepared the award winning musical adaptation of “The Secret Garden” (1999) for the Krakow Bagatela Theatre and Komedia Theatre in Warsaw. He staged the world premiere of Steven Marckwick’s “Little Lord Fauntleroy” in the Krakow Opera (2011), and co-translated as well as directed the dance comedy “That’s love” for the STU Theatre.
In 2005, within the framework of the “Disabled artist” programme, he directed the adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Wild Swans” with blind and visually impaired amateur actors.

Among the many artistic awards and distinctions received by JanuszSzydłowski we need to mention the Golden Screen for the role of Janota in the TV theatre performance “GodyŻycia” (Mating Life) directed by M. Prus (1970), The Golden Mask for directing “The Secret Garden” in the Bagatela Theatre (2001), The Honourable Distinction “ZłotyLiść Retro” (The Golden Retro Leaf) for directing “PerlyKabaretu Mariana Hemara” (The Pearls of the Marian Hemar cabaret) in the Rampa Theatre (2008), and first of all the “Gloria Artis” distinction from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2009) as well as “Honoris Gratia” medal from the President of the City of Krakow (2011).

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