Organization: Jasiek Mela’s Beyond the Horizons Foundation

Screenplay & direction: Michał Drozd

Vocal coordination and consultation: Michał Białko

Music coordination: Michał Gaweł

Choreography: Olga Piotrowska

Scenography: Małgorzata Gwardiak, Anita Michorczyk

Performance: Volunteers – employees of UBS and friends

SabotaRż is the musical written specially to help Jasiek Mela’s Beyond the Horizons Foundation’s beneficiaries that gives you unique opportunity to see the effect of almost year-long preparations of the employees of UBS – volunteers who will take you back to school!

SabotaRż will remind you the time of first love, first drama, sweets that could be eaten without consequences. But was it really like this?

Michał Drozd, the director of the spectacle, says: “Sugar is unhealthy, gives us energy for a short time, says to the dopamine to want more and more. Love makes us stronger, gets the blood pressure rising, makes the spirit fly and then eventually drags us down… Broken hearts, tears, another peanut butter jar and ice creams at lonely evenings. Love is sweet, sugar is sweet – do they really differ that much?”

Want to come back to school? Let us take you there!

100% of income from tickets’ sale will go to help Jasiek Mela’s Beyond the Horizons Foundation’s beneficiaries.

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